Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we are frequently asked, and answers that may help you use CrimeWatch.

My iPhone Crashes When I Press Verify Address or Get from GPS.

This is usually due to a permissions issue on your phone. CrimeWatch requires GPS to report activity. You will normally be prompted to allow Location when you first use the CrimeWatch app to report activity. However, if you tapped Deny when the prompt came up, the app will be refused access to your location services.

The fix is easy. All you have to do is turn Location services back on for the CrimeWatch app, as follows:

  1. Go to your Home screen by pressing the round button at the bottom of your phone
  2. Open Settings
  3. Open Privacy
  4. Open Location Services
  5. Make sure Location Services are ON
  6. Make sure CrimeWatch appears in the list, and has While Using next to it
    • If not, tap CrimeWatch, and make sure While Using the App is selected
  7. Try reporting an incident and see if it works

I have Android. What's with all these permissions you're asking for when I install?

It may seem like we ask for a lot of permissions. We need all of them for CrimeWatch to let you take photos, report where an incident's occuring, and so forth. Let's go through them, group by group, so you know what they're for:


These permissions let us use the GPS and location services on your phone. The Get from GPS button relies on this. "Fine" location is the GPS satellites, and "Coarse" location is that provided by your cell phone or wireless network provider.


This allows us to tell your phone to dial 911 when you tap the "If you're in danger, call 911" in the app.


These makes it possible for you to take photos from within the app. When a photo is taken, we need permission to store it for processing and transmittal.


This lets us save the app's settings.


These permissions let us check whether you have Internet access, and to access the Internet. Without this, the app wouldn't be able to send a report, whoops!


This allows us to hide the status bar on the top of your phone when we show the splash screen.

I can't login. Can you tell me my password?

We don't know your password. However, you can tap Forgot Password in the app. You will be prompted to enter your email address. You'll receive an email to reset your password. If you don't get the email, please make sure to check your Spam, Bulk Mail, or Junk Mail folders. If you still don't receive the email, it's possible the email address you entered was invalid.

I have Android, and I can't use GPS or I can't take photos. What's wrong?

Newer Android devices require you to grant permissions on a case-by-case basis. This is different from earlier versions of Android. If you're running v1.2.1 or later of the Android app, which you can determine by swiping left and choosing About, it should automatically ask for permission when it tries to use GPS or the camera. If it doesn't, there are a few things to try:

  • Make sure GPS is enabled on your phone. This is usually done by swiping down from the top of the screen and ensuring Location or GPS is enabled.
  • Go to Settings on your Android device - not in the app - and choose Privacy and emergency. Then choose App permissions. Under Camera and Location, respectively, make sure the CrimeWatch app has access, indicated by the slider being pushed to the right.

Can I send you a message if I get stuck?

You can send us an email via the Feedback page and we'll answer as quickly as possible! It may take a business day or so, depending on how many requests we get, so thanks in advance for your patience!